Monday, February 3, 2014

Maybelline Street Artist Topcoats Swatches

Nail polish-wise, I'm a complete sucker for glitters, and unique ones at that. Most of the fun, unique glitter polishes I see online are from indie brands, and unfortunately they can sometimes be hard for me to pick up (not having the money, and needing them shipped from another country, etc, etc). So, when I see a commercial brand branching away from the usual, and releasing something different, I'm usually all over that and spending more than I really should! 
I couldn’t help myself when I found the Maybelline Street Artist glitter topcoats in my local Boots, I couldn’t choose between the four they had, so I bought them all!

These are all clear based, glitter topcoats, consisting of different sized hexagons, as well as bar shaped glitters. Each had a good glitter payoff. I didn't have any trouble getting any of the larger glitters on my nails, apart from the white bars in White Splatter; the white bars in this one were a little longer than the bars in the other glitters, so I didn't get a lot of them in my swatch. Other than that, I didn’t have any trouble with these, and I’ll definitely wear them again.

 My swatches below are all 1 coat over their respective bases, and all topped off with 2 coats No7 Stay Perfect topcoat.

Alley Attitude – 1 coat over Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine
Alley Attitude has small, medium, large black hexagons, small & medium blue hexagons, and blue bars in a clear base.

Urban Vibe – 1 coat  over Essence The Boy Next Door
Urban Vibe consists of small, medium, large black hexagons, small & medium orange hexagons, and orange bars in a clear base.

Boom Box Black – 1 coat over Essence Break Through
Boom Box Black has small, medium, large black hexagons, small & medium green hexagons, and green bars in a clear base. (Please excuse the mess on my index finger - I accidentally glooped the glitter polish on that one - oops! :) )

White Splatter – 1 coat over Zoya Kristen

White Splatter contains a slightly different glitter mix than the other three. There are small, medium, large white hexagons & white bars, small & medium purple hexagons, and medium blue/green hexagons.

Overall, I really like these glitters. They add a bit of fun to a plain creme if I don't have the time to be going all out with some nail art. I think my favourite combo here is Alley Attitude over Wanna Be Your Sunshine. I think the bright yellow base really makes the blue glitter stand out! I'll definitely wear these together again.

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