Saturday, February 8, 2014

Texture Stripes with Essence

One of the big polish trends from last year was the textured polishes, and the brands like OPI and Zoya have come out with some great ones (I have yet to get my hands on a PixieDust polish, but hopefully this year I’ll manage to get one!). Unfortunately for me, these ones can be quite expensive over here, so thankfully, some of the more affordable brands are also coming out with their own textured polishes.

Today, I have done a simple striping tape mani, using two Essence polishes. The base here is Essence Boho Chic, a lovely soft coral with gold flakies. I applied two coats of this, topped with one coat of No 7 Stay Perfect topcoat for a quick dry. Then I applied 2-3 strips pf striping tape on my nails, and then painted over with 1 coat of Me & My Lover, one of Essence’s Sparkle Sand Effect polishes and quickly removed the tape. Me & My Lover is a lovely red with red and gold glitter, and dries to a textured finish. I left this with no topcoat, to leave this with its textured finish.

I like the contrast between the texture and the smooth stripes with this mani. Overall, I like the textured trend, and I'll definitely be expanding my textured polish collection!

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