Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Freehand Flowers with A-England

*Dusts off more cobwebs*

Howdy again! It’s been ages since my last post – real life is really getting in my way at the moment, but I’m gonna keep trying to get a more regular posting schedule going. Real life has not, however, curbed my polish buying habit, so at least I’ll have plenty to post about!

Today, I have some freehand flowers I painted with some new A-England polishes I treated myself to recently – Camelot and Dancing With Nureyev.

Here, I have two coats of Camelot, a lovely black creme. I could have gotten away with one coat if I was a little more careful, but went with 2 to make sure it was perfect. I then used a nail art brush and painted on some flowers and swirly things with Dancing With Nureyev, a gorgeous light blue holo. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this one was opaque over the black of Camelot, and I’m looking forward to trying this out with some stamping plates!

You can see the gorgeous holo in this picture <3

I thought I'd stick this one in just to show the design on my thumb!

Overall, I'm really pleased with these polishes, and I'll be definitely using them loads!

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