Friday, February 15, 2013

Zebra Print

Happy Friday people!
I hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend. I’ll be at home spending some time with the family, looking forward to it, it should be fun.

Anywho, to the nails! I was feeling the need to try out some animal prints this week, so I decided to try a zebra print since I hadn't tried one before.

My base colour is Hazelnut Cream Pie, one of the nude colours from Essence. Once that was dry, I took my black, which is a special nail striper polish from Essence and drew on some lines to look like the recognisable zebra print. The shade is called Mysterious Black, which is black with silver micro glitter through it. The glitter isn't picking up in the pictures, but it’s nice and subtle. Hazelnut Cream Pie also has a lovely subtle pink shimmer through it in the bottle, but unfortunately it didn't come through on the nail.

When I first did these, I thought they looked really good, but looking back at the photos now, and comparing them to other awesome zebra style nails online, I actually don’t think they’re great. I can see where I can make some improvements though, so I’ll definitely do these again with some different colours.

Happy Weekend!
Ciao for now! x


  1. What do you mean they don't look great?! They look blimmin' brilliant to me - love them!

    1. Aw, you're too kind! Thanks! I just think, comparing them to other zebra manis on the interwebs, mine look more like random stripes thrown down there. I'll get better with practice though! :)

  2. i love this, ive never seen a nude zebra print before x

    1. Thanks! I was just using the nude shade as I hadn't tried it before, but I really like the combo :)