Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nerdy Nails Issue 5: Doctor Who

Happy Easter y'all!

Hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend so far. Mine has just started, as I had to work today, but I'm looking forward to enjoying my three days off!

Today's Nerdy Nails are in celebration of one of my favourite TV shows, Doctor Who! DW is back this Saturday for the second half of Series 7, and its very exciting! So I had to do my nails in tribute to everyone's favourite Time Lord. As before, I'll try to keep it short, and explain the design for each nail and the colours used.

Thumb -  TARDIS: You can't have a Doctor Who design and not include the greatest blue box in the universe! Colours used are OPI I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw, China Glaze Liquid Leather and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It's actually very hard to see the black against this blue shade in real life, but thankfully, my pictures were able to pick up the difference

Index - Cybermen: I was initially struggling with thinking of designs that wouldn't be too difficult to do, and while I was brainstorming, I saw some new pictures of the Cybermen from later in the series, and thought painting their faces would be simple enough! Colours are Barry M Silver Foil and China Glaze Liquid Leather

Middle - Dalek: Probably the Doctor's most famous enemies, I had to try my hand at these! The base colour is an unnamed gold shimmer I got from a Technic nail polish set from TK Maxx last year, and gold studs are from Born Pretty Store. The striping tape is also from Born Pretty here, while the black stud is from a pack of studs I got for decorating greeting cards from the Art & Hobby shop!

Ring - 11th Doctor: I have a massive fangirl crush on Matt Smith, and I absolutely love him as The Doctor. Plus, I definitely can't do a Doctor Who themed mani without including the main man himself! here, I've portrayed Eleven's trademark bow tie and suspenders combo. 'Cause bow ties are cool. Colours are OPI My Vampire Is Buff, Rimmel Celebrity Bash, Rimmel Hot Gossip, Rimmel Beige Babe, China Glaze Liquid Leather. Unfortunately, I messed this one up a little by topcoating him too soon :(

Pinky - Fez: we've only seen the Doctor wearing the fez in 1 episode, but it quickly became a fan favourite accessory, so I wanted to include it. Here, the fez is Rimmel Hot Gossip with Beige Babe as a background. black details are China Glaze Liquid Leather.

In the end, I wasn't too impressed with my effort on most of these, but I was over in a friend's place playing board games while I was actually painting them, so considering they didn't have my 100% attention, they turned out ok. I think the Cyberman is my favourite. I'll definitely be trying these ones out again, I have loads of other Who related ideas I'd like to try painting! I have to apologise for my dry looking cuticles as well; I wanted to take the pics of these before all the studs started falling off, and I forgot to put my usual cuticle cream on them.

If anyone's tuning in to new Who tonight, enjoy, and I hope it's a good'un! :)

Ciao for now x

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