Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Picture Fail: Swirly Floral

Hola lovelies!

My posting has started to get a bit sporadic of late. I wanted to get into a routine and post the same days every week, hopefully building up to one post a day, but I've been falling behind a bit :( Hopefully I can get back on track, and get some more art and start to get some swatches done so I can build up a backlog of posts, and get a bit more organised.

Today, I have a bit of a picture fail I'm afraid. I have a lovely stamping mani to show you, but I only noticed after I had taken it off that in most of my pics you can't see the actual stamp due to the reflection of my lamp on my nails! Such a rookie mistake, I need to get a light box sorted asap! Also, the sun needs to stick around a bit longer so I can start taking pics in the daylight after work :p

Aaanyway, here are the nails! The amazing blue colour is Bleu Fabuleaux from Bourjois' So Laque range.

I've been looking at it but walking past it for months, but I finally took the plunge after Karen at LovelyGirlieBits reviewed it here a few weeks ago. I'm so glad I did, I think it's my favourite blue at the moment!

I decided to jazz it up a little with a simple, girly, swirly, floraly stamp from a Cheeky plate CH26 and my Barry M Silver Foil. Unfortunately, my indoor pics do not show off the stamp due to reflection, but you can see it better on the couple of daylight ones I managed to get on the bus home from work one day!

I'll defo be wearing this blue a lot, and I have a fab art deco design I want to try with it. I'll be sure to take better pictures next time too!

Thanks for reading!

Ciao for now x


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    1. Thanks! :) The blue is amazing, it's really vibrant on the nail, really stands out. Would defo recommend it if you like blue!