Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nerdy Nails Issue 1: Supernatural

It’s no secret that I love nail polish and trying out loads of different nail art to jazz up my talons – I do blog about it after all! It’s not my first love, however, and not the first thing to make me obsessive over something.
I am also a bit of a sci-fi nerd, and partake in a few nerdy fandoms in my spare time. I wasn’t surprised when I suddenly got loads of ideas of how to celebrate my favourite nerdy things on my nails, so I’ve decided to start posting a series of nerdy nail art. I’m going to do my best to post once a week, on either a Friday or a Saturday, but that may change, depending on how busy I am!

So, for my first Nerdy Nails venture, I've gone for a tribute to one of my favourite TV shows at the moment: Supernatural! I love nothing better than sitting down and getting immersed in the weird world of demon hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester every week. For this art, I've painted some symbols and wardrobe items that will be quite recognisable to a Supernatural fan, but I’ll explain each nail for anyone who wouldn't be familiar with them after the jump.

Thumb - Anti-possession Symbol: On my thumb I've painted an anti-possession symbol. Sam and Dean have this symbol tattooed on their chests, so prevent any sneaky demons from possessing them. For this, I used a base of My Boyfriend Scales Walls by OPI, and painted the symbol using a small nail art brush and China Glaze Liquid Leather.

Index – Aquarian Star: This symbol is to identify the mysterious Men of Letters. They have only been introduced to them in the current season (season 8), so I don’t really know much about them at the moment, but I thought the symbol would be easy enough to do so I included it. Base colour is Liquid Leather and the symbol was drawn with China Glaze White On White.

Middle – Castiel's trenchcoat and tie: The angel Castiel was introduced in season 4, and has become a regular in the series, continuously helping out Sam and Dean in their demon-busting endeavours. His wardrobe is quite iconic with the fandom – he is always wearing his trenchcoat and his shirt and blue tie, so thought this would be a good way to depict him instead of just going for regular angel wings. I got the idea from this tumblr blog, and I was really happy with how it turned out. The base colour for the trenchcoat is Beige Style from Rimmel's Lycra Pro range. The white for the shirt is White On White, and the blue tie was drawn with Man Hunt from China Glaze. The black outlines are Liquid Leather.

Ring – Angel Banishing Sigil: This symbol is a bit grizzly; the symbol is used to banish angels back to heaven, but it has to be drawn in human or angel blood (gross!). For this one, I used a base of Zoya Kristen, and drew the sigil with NYC’s Chelsea Cherry. There are a few pieces that are supposed to be outside of the circle, but I drew that too big so I had to leave them out (oops).

Pinky – Dean’s Amulet: On my pinky, I decided to draw Dean’s infamous amulet. Sam gave the amulet to Dean one Christmas when they were kids, and Dean wore it all the time until Season 5 when Castiel took it from him so it would help him find God (for reals). This one was done with Barry M Gold Foil and Liquid Leather.

My thumb pictures were not playing ball, lightwise, my fingers look very yellow-y.

 My thumb pictures were not playing ball, lightwise, my fingers look very yellow-y.

Whew! That was quite long winded. I’ll try not to have this so wordy next time!

Anywizzle, I hope you liked my nerdy tribute to an awesome TV show. This is the most elaborate nail art I’ve done so far, and while they’re not as awesome as a lot of the nail art I’ve seen on the interwebs, I’m really chuffed with myself and how they turned out. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into more elaborate stuff now!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Ciao for now x

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